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For many years, Mariano Rodriguez has invited customers to the wholesale shop to tell them about the origin, quality, tastes and custom of hundreds of Spanish wines and delicacies. He has shared his stories and reflections on craft, practices and traditions.

Products that through their taste and essence distinguish one tavern or store from another. Knowledge that adds value and contributes to transforming a decent meal into a complete experience. In our showroom we can finally combine the very best of our two worlds in one great environment in which increase our experience of Spanish cuisine. And what name could be better to summarize all this than the name Mariano? The symbol and source of all the good stuff.

At Mariano, we will offer themed evenings, tastings, training courses and exciting performances. We won’t only do this for the benefit of our restaurateurs and their shop staff, but for everyone who is interested in food and drink at a professional level. The atmosphere will be familiar and intimate as everyone knows us. So please feel free to contact us with your inquiries, however modest or advanced they may be.

In our showroom
we can at last
combine the best of
our two worlds.